The Nimbus Multi-tined Expandable Electrode changes the way that RF procedures are performed. Incorporating a novel design, the Nimbus RF electrode facilitates a simple “down-the-beam” approach to deliver a consistently larger treatment area and shorter procedures times.

Why Nimbus RF?

  • Predictable and easily reproducible large treatment area
  • Directed therapy that spares collateral tissue
  • Provides for meaningful sensory and motor stimulation
  • Universally compatible with existing RF generators


The Nimbus electrode diffuses RF energy through the expandable tines resulting in a predictable and reproducible spherical treatment footprint, as compared to conventional monopolar and bipolar methods.


Extensive safety and reliability testing demonstrates that the Nimbus electrode concentrates the current density and heat with little extension distal to the tines.

In vivo temperature mapping studies confirmed that the Nimbus electrode delivers a safe and effective thermal profile with neuro-destructive temperatures at the target tissue that spared the adjacent spinal nerves.

Versatility to Fit Each Practice

The Nimbus electrode is readily adaptable for a wide-range of ablation treatments. By delivering a larger, more predictable result, the Nimbus device allows physicians to work with greater efficiency.


When used in a bipolar approach for SI joint procedures, the Nimbus electrode can produce a continuous strip treatment area up to 20mm, saving procedure time.

Unlike conventional techniques, the Nimbus employs a simple “down-the-beam” lumbar approach that allows the electrode to be positioned perpendicular to the target nerve, providing for an efficient neurotomy procedure. The result is less procedure time, improved cost effectiveness and less x-ray exposure.

Nimbus approach:

Perpendicular approach towards the “eye of Scotty dog”, provides for a large footprint facilitating the nerve to be treated in one pass.


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