Pain Management for Clinicians

Integrate best in class medical solutions into your pain management practice

Large Volume RF lesions: Nimbus RF Multi-tined Expandable Electrode is an easy-to-use and cost-effective radiofrequency (RF) ablation device that provides a large volume and optimally shaped lesion.

Radiofrequency cannula: Vesta RF cannula provide a high quality and cost-effective RF solution where a Nimbus large volume RF lesion is not indicated.

Thermocouple RF probe: Nimbus probes are compatible with most brand generators and are a cost-effective option for pain clinics utilising Nimbus.


Clarius HD Scanners: with high definition nerve and MSK imaging, Clarius HD is the ideal wireless ultrasound system for safe, accurate procedure guidance.


gammaCore™ (non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator): is a non-drug treatment for adults who suffer from primary headache conditions such as cluster headache and migraine.


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