Radiofrequency for Pain Management

Stratus Medical is a medical device company in Texas USA, focused on reducing pain and suffering and improving the quality of life for chronic pain patients through innovation.

Their leading technology, the Nimbus Multitined Expandable Electrode was invented by a pain medicine physician who wanted a large volume radiofrequency lesion to reduce the anatomical uncertainty when treating targeted nerves with the goal to provide predictable and sustained pain relief. The product range includes standard RF cannula.

The Nimbus Multitined Expandable Electrode provides an easy to use, efficient solution to create a large 8mm-10mm prolate spheroid lesion for relief of pain.

Nimbus was invented by an interventional pain management physician who wanted a cost effective, easy to use, RF cannula that would produce a large and optimally shaped lesion for treating chronic pain patients.

Nimbus provides technically simple, reproducible, and efficient technique.

Busy interventional pain management practitioners appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of Nimbus to treat both simple and complex RF targets for pain. Nimbus provides a large volume lesion that minimizes technical obstacles and allows a simple perpendicular or “down the beam” approach and has been shown to significantly decrease procedural time.

When compared to other large volume RF techniques, Nimbus is more cost effective, efficient, easy to use and requires no special equipment. Nimbus is the only large lesion RF device for pain with MRI validation of lesion size (601.7mm3).

Image: Side by side comparison of 18g standard monopolar cannula v Nimbus lesion. (Stratus Medical)

Vesta Radiofrequency Cannula

Vesta RF cannula provide a high quality and cost effective RF solution where a Nimbus large volume RF lesion is not indicated.

The Vesta RF Cannula consists of an insulated cannula with an active tip for use in creating an RF heat lesion for the relief of pain. Vesta is comprised of three components: a proximal hub, an insulated stainless steel cannula, and a distal stainless steel tip. The active tip transfers RF energy to the target tissue.

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